Cleaning Remains a Top Small Biz Idea

Depending on who you ask and what you read, a cleaning business can be one of the most practical businesses to start for a list of reasons but low Start Up Costs tops the list.

You can start your own cleaning business for very little money. Most of us (I hope) own a broom, mop, maybe a Swiffer, a vacuum and some cleaning supplies. There goes your capital investment, a whopping $0 or maybe a few dollars for a trip to the dollar store for cleaning supplies.  Then there are the administrative costs like:

Business name registration – $75-$125 (depending on your state)

Business bank account, typically – FREE or for low minimum deposit

Business Cards, $20 -$100 depending on how fancy you want to get but please don’t use those rinky dink -print and cut yourself sheet because it looks unprofessional.

Website $20 – there is an array of do it yourself web hosting companies that offer very professional looking templates for low monthly fees or a one time annual fee. Wix and go daddy are small business favorites.

Flyers (design and print) – $150 or depending on how talented you are (and you don’t own one of those printers where the ink costs more than the machine) you can print yourself at home.

And Voila! You have the essentials to call yourself a business owner. Now you just need the drive and discipline.


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